Clear film on digitizer. What is it?

I separated the digitizer from the top glass and was in the process of removing the LOCA. There i noticed a film underneath the adhesive just above the digitizer/LCD assembly. I recall seeing a video somewhere on YouTube, a tech removed this film but did not give any information to what it was. Now i come to you guys to help give insight to what this film is for. I removed the film and now my screen is extremely clean. I do believe that this may be the polarizer, but from what i can see in the searches on Google is that the film that i find in the results look "polarized" and the one that i removed is absolutely clear (except for the OCA).

What do you guys think

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The film you are seeing is the polarizer. The polarizes for iPhones are set at 90 degrees when the device is held in portrait mode, if I recall correctly. This is why looking at your normally held iPhone while wearing polarized sunglasses is possible without distortion. The opposite is true for the iPad which is polarized to optimize viewing in landscape mode (at least it used to be - I haven't checked on my Air 2...).

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Are you talking about the polarizer?

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