There are so many things we could do if we only knew how. This area aims to catalog most specialized skills necessary to perform certain kinds of repairs.

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Hey all. I'm not sure where to contribute this tip. I accidentally stumbled upon a handy way to pry apart a mobile device without chopping up the edges... therapy putty. Specifically, it was Green Theraputty.

I'm a software/hardware developer. I was using it to hold a Nexus5 in place while I conducted some screen tests. When I went to remove it, the putty held on a little too well and uniformly pulled the back cover off of the device without damaging it. Once I got the putty off of the table, it peeled right off of the cover without leaving a residue.

I should also add that the putty had time to cool and harden a bit. The warmer it gets, the more malleable it becomes. It's basically silly putty.

I hope this helps someone!

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You can also use this type of stuff for holding the device in place whilst you remove the front glass, works well if it's all you have

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Sweet, Thanks!

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