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Guías de reparación y desmontaje para dispositivos de red inalámbricas de Apple Time Capsule.

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Why won't my Time Capsule power on?

Was working fine until 2 days ago then power on light went out and won't come back on. There are a few LEDs near the power socket that light briefly when the unit is plugged in but otherwise it won't fire up. Reset doesn't help.

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18 months!? This one has only been in service for 1 month. Glad it isn't full, I don't know what I would do to back up 2 TB - That's what I bought the unit to do for me! Are there any tear-downs posted?


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If it's only been in service for 1 month, it should be under warranty...take it to your nearest Apple Store and make them fix it!

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By dead, does that mean the fan doesn't in fact spin... nor does the drive attempt to spin up? You confirm that it is not receiving power across the board? In my experience with these suckers, there are a number of them that experience breakage in the solder points on the board... which presents like "plug it in... fan spins... HDD may or may not try to spin but never accomplishes the speed for normal usage, and the LED light on the front will NOT be on. Is this what yours is doing? If so, I have a solution for you that's fairly effective. Thanks

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Hi JCarter,

You said that you have a solution for above problem where the Time capsule is completely down. Please detail the solution.


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Time Capsules have an average life of 18 months. It is possible this is a warning sign that the end is near (although I truly hope it's not).

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The old time capsules have a power problem, there are loads of them dying after 18months.

Good news is you can attach it's warranty to any computer you have apple care and they will fix it under warranty as long it was purchased within one year of the said computer.

Unless it's been used with a pc.

Of course i had bought mine about 15 months after my laptop so it wasn't covered...

but they gave me a warranty exception code so they will replace the whole thing...

unfortunately i had modded it with a big antenna so that could jeopardise apple's good will...

the saga continues!

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I have my time capsule since 2006 working perfect, but yesterday died! compleatly, don´t turn on the light neather the disks. I´m not shure if is the problems people saying here, because I haven´t change the disk and died 4 years later not 18 months :P

Can I check if the disk is OK? Should I fixit or just buy a new one!?


BTW were I can test out the serial number, just to see if is the problem about the capacitors.

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I took my dead Time Capsule to an Apple Store and had a Genius verify that it was truly dead. The Genius wrote up a repair record that stated that it was truly dead and gave me an R number.

I then left the Apple Store and called AppleCare and explained the situation and gave them the R number provided by the Genius. Apple Care was happy to replace the Time Capsule (no questions asked) via RMA for free even though my Apple Care for my MacBook Air wasn't bought at the same time that the Time Capsule was purchased. They seem to understand that there is a power supply defect in their Time Capsules.

Within 2 days of the failure, I was back in business.

Luckily, I had backed-up my sparsebundles a few months prior, so I only lost a couple of months of backups, but still had the oldest backups.

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my time c will not power on i been having it 2006 and the other day was working fine now i have nothing. any help

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Man, I’ve had my TC since 2009 . It out lived 3 MacBooks, and I never had to do anything to it as far as maintenance goes. Well, a transformer blew up the other night causing a large black out. And now my tc doesn’t fire up. I’ll be attempting to save the files. Wish me luck! And thanks for sharing all this content.

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