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Why won't the SweeperVac turn on?

The Swiffer SweeperVac refuses to turn on.

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The most common reason for this happening is a dead battery. The battery must either be charged or replaced.

If it is not the battery, the mechanism for turning on the device might be jammed. This mechanism is in the handle. To check this, try removing the handle entirely and examining the opening at the bottom while pressing the handle button. If it broken, there is little you can do, but is more likely to simply be stuck in which case pressing against the inner mechanism might free it up.

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When power button is pressed, green light turns on but sweeper will not start

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same thing happens with mine. It knows it is charged because when you plug it in for charging it flashes red then quickly realizes that the battery (voltage) is full. When you press the power button the green light comes on, but no reaction from the motor itself. When I have time, I will open it up and see.

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