Fourth generation Samsung Android tablets. Released in 2014.

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will replacing lcd digitizer fix my tablet

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My tablet was dropped from a 2ND floor. 3/4 of the screen now has black and white lines but this part of the screen still responds to touch. When i first turn it on the whole screen is visible but within 8-10 seconds the b & w lines return in that same part of the screen. Based on this info and the picture i posted will replacing the lcd digitizer fix the problem. Thxs

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The LCD is definitely cracked and beyond repair. The Best best is to replace the digitizer and LCD assembly together.

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This guys right


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I am thinking you have a loose LCD connection, you should try reseating the connectors first, if you are still having the problem I would replace the LCD.

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Thxs for help i will try that.


I am having the same problem but what is the LCD and where is it ? I have already opened the back of my tablet.


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