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La Canon EOS Rebel T3, también conocida como la 1100D, es una continuación de la línea de cámaras réflex digitales de Canon, la serie Rebel. Cuenta con un sensor de 18 MP y un procesador de imagen DIGIC 4.

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What are these sensors on the inside of the lens mount?

When trying to investigate a broken auto-focus on my Canon EF-S IS 15-55mm lens, I found the problem (a broken flex cable) but also created another (I broke a different flex cable)

I'm ordering a replacement for both but on the part I broke (the lens mount ring) I'm really not sure what the two sensors are that the ribbon cable connects to.

Nearly all the replacement parts for sale don't have the sensors and the ones that do are quite expensive. Do I really need them?

Picture of the lens mount *with* the sensors:

Block Image

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These are the IS sensors. Note they are mounted at 90 degrees to each other, which allows them to capture horizontal and vertical movement of the lens barrel during exposure, such that the IS system knows what it needs to compensate for. Omitting these sensors will permanently disable the IS function, which happens to be one of the few saving graces of this cheap kit lens.

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If the lens was designed with them then they have a function.

I would strongly recommend you replace the part with the exact same part.

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See this video, I think that is very instructive, I followed it and can fix my broken lens.

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