WD my passport doesn't work. I/O error?


I have a WD My Passport 1 TB. It was working fine. It was connected to USB3 port in the PC when a friend reset the machine because, according to him, the OS was blocked. After that the My Passport don't work. The OS load it after long time loading in disk managment console of windows. I don't explore the files because the system tell that I have to format the disk, and when I proceed to format the tool warning me about error.

I was try some recovery and repair hdd tools, but even the best of them tell me, after long time, that the disk have I/O error. I'll try update the firmware too, but I'm behind a proxy and the utility that brings wd's support site don't work behind proxy. I appreciate any idea that can help me. I lost pretty info on my disk.

Thanks in advance.

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Can you give us your OS info (Windows or Mac) as their maybe a better tool to try to recover your files.

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Change the USB cable and try

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