broken charging port on the gamepad!

When I was plugging in my wii U gamepad to the wall, I ended up picking up my 3DS charger end by mistake (I had the Wii U charger and 3DS charger next to each other). Long story short, I jammed the 3DS charger in the Wii U gamepad's charging port, and now it cant charge from the port anymore.

I have to charge it with the docking station, but my gamepad charger stopped working. Now, I am using an energizer charging station, and I have to keep the gamepad in an exact position with the exact amount of weight on it at all times just to charge it, and most of the time, it's dead. I had to get a pro controller just to be able to play mario kart 8 because I cant remove the game from the Energizer charging station, or it wont charge because that charging dock is garbage.

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