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La más pequeña de los ordenadores portátiles MacBook Air de Apple con micrófonos duales y conectividad Wi-Fi 802.11ac.

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Location of backlight fuse on Logic Borard?

Greetings IFIXIT community! I failed to find the correct location given the only post I found is for the mid 2013 13 Inch model, not the 11.6 inch, I find the logic board is different and must ask this question. I recently have taken the plunge with buying this water damaged macbook air, everything works as it should except for the non- existent ssd that was retained by the seller and the backlight for the display. The previous owner claimed that the laptop was subjected to rain inside a backpack that was partially open. When the owner found the moisture they placed it in rice overnight and the next day it worked. Some time later however the computer's ssd would not boot and the backlight stopped working.

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I was hoping that someone could point to the precise location of the fuse for the Mid 2013 Macbook air, 1.3Ghz, i5 on the Logic board. The computer's screen works as it should yet the backlight does not. I am confident that there is a way to fix this computer, I know this is a more advanced repair so here I am ready for the next challenge !

I pulled this photo off your website and found that it matches my Logic Board. I am thinking that checking the fuse is the first step. Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

Bret :o)

Edit- Photo of Logic Board Oct 28, 7pm

You can see in the upper corner where the hinge screws are there is some corrosion on the hinge and the screws. The fuse checks out fine.

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Bret Norman, the fuse has reference designator F9700 and it is a 3amp 32V SMD fuse in a 603 package. Check your driver as well as the power mosfets for any damage. It might help if you post an image of your own board.

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Thanks, that was FAST! I just took this picture, although the light is poor, I can update this photo tomorrow and take it in daylight!

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Yes, I confirm the fuse is good, it passes current. What are the power mosfets and how do I go about checking them?

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You do want to check the backlight driver U9701 which is a LP8550 and is located on the other side of the board. The FET would be Q9706and 9707

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'Spanish: Hola soy de Guatemala y paso para compartirles que logre solucionar mi problema tales no es la reparación correcta pero me es funcional gracias a la imagen que compartieron, les dejo mi solución a ver si se logra ver en las imágenes, realmente lo que hice fue puntera el fusible que ya el mismo estaba dañado, pero como me quemo las 2 resistencias 9788 y 9789 las pequeñas negritas tuve que realizar otro puente del Q9707 a la resistencia que esta antes del fusible, saludos y gracias.

English: Hi, I'm from Guatemala and step to share that achieves solve my problem is not the correct repair but it is functional thanks to the image they shared, I leave my solution to see if it can see in the pictures, it really did was bypass the fuse and it was damaged, but as I burn the 2 resistors 9788 and 9789 small boldface had to make another bridge Q9707 resistance to this before the fuse, greetings and thanks.

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Hi there,

Can you explain how you repaired your MacBook Air?

Podrias explicar como hiciste la reparacion paso a paso


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Si estas interesado aun con gusto te explico, mientras tengas el mimo problema, mándame el correo para contactarte.

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Seguro, a mi MBA de 13" le callo un vaso de agua y ahora el backlight no trabaja en el LCD.... gracias por tu ayuda

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harold martin hola ya ise el proceso de los jumper pero sigue sin backlight que puedo acer en ese caso

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compañero Harold Marin le agradeceria mi compartiera paso a paso su reparacion, mi correo es

de antemano gracias

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