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El Mac Pro de primera generación es un ordenador de estación de trabajo basada en Intel Xeon fabricada por Apple Inc. La primera generación incluye las máquinas desde 2006 hasta 2008.

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Static on screen when waking up?

A few times over the past week when I've woken my Mac Pro up from sleep, the monitor will show nothing but multicolored static against a white background. I've restarted and the problem disappears. But it's a little disturbing.

I've found a giant thread on the Apple boards on the subject -- -- but no one there seems to know the cause.

Thought I'd throw it out the ifixit community to see if anyone's figured this one out.

I'm running 10.6.2 and have an ATI Radeon HD 4870 graphics card.


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If you are still under warranty, see if you can convince Apple to replace your new video card. You can perform the swap yourself if you are confident with a screwdriver.

Contact AppleCare at 800-275-2273, or try online selfservice at

You can also bring the unit in to an Apple Store or AASP. If you can take a picture of the screen when it is displaying the symptoms, bring it with you to aid in proving the issue. You will need to do this with a digital camera, I don't think your will be able to do a screen shot :)

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why is the power supply on the macpro dual xeon processors so high than the HP workstation which only contain 650 watt pSU the mac pros from 2008 to 2012 say they contain 980 watt power supplies units, which I would think is a electrical risk. what can I do to correct this issue.

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