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Procesador modelo M7572 / 400 o 500 MHz G3

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What is the batery inside the laptop called

What is the battery called located under neathe the keyboard?

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That is the PRAM battery. If ever your computer refuses to boot disconnect it and it will probably work. The PRAM battery keeps time and performs several other functions but the computer will run without it. You just have to reenter the information every time you start up. Hope this answers your question. Ralph

PowerBook G3 Pismo PRAM Battery Replacement

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Hi, my pram battery is dead then, I connect and disconnect my Pismo 2 times. It's magic. Without Pramm, your clock don't keep time when shutting down but using an airport card and wi-fi network, checking the automatic "timing" in date and time (in pref panel), your clock will stay set without passing by panel control.



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