This versatile wireless broadband router released by Verizon in 2006 supports Ethernet and Wi-Fi networks.

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Why won't my wireless router turn on?

My router is plugged into the power supply from the wall, and all cords are connected properly. The device will not power on and none of the LEDs are lighting up. What is going on?

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First, make sure that your power source is functional. Hopefully, by switching to another power source, the router will turn on and you will not need to fix anything with the router itself.

If the router is at fault, the power port may be damaged or you may need to replace your LEDs. Check the repair manuals and the Troubleshooting Guide for help.

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Wire may be loose..tight it

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Do you have a multi-meter? You can test the power supply to make sure it's putting out the proper voltage, if it's junk you could get a replacement, but if the talkbroadbox is bad, then you're looking at replacement. If the power supply is good, plug it into the Broadtalk box and when it's inserted try putting a little, very little pressure on the connection at the box in a circular motion. Sometimes the poles that connect the power plug into the main bord can break, if they have, you could probably have it seviced, unless you know how to do that, but if you don.......DON'T. You don't need a fire because you wanted to save a couple of dollars. Also check the cable from the power converter to the connector, make sure it isn't cut or show any excessive wear and tear. Ping then internet speed test

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Hi,I have a LTE huawei b315 router,This morning my son inserted the wrong adapter and it made a small spark at the back by the power. He used 23v instead of 12.

Can it be repaired?

Please help


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