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Model A1204 / 1 or 2 GB capacity

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Why doesn't my MacBook recognize my iPod?

So I've washed my iPod shuffle (2nd gen) and now it will play music and all the buttons work, but my MacBook doesn't recognize it. It will charge and the reset utility didn't recognize it either. So I tore into it and I don't visually see anything bad so far...maybe that's why I'm not an iPod tech :)

Thanks in advance

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Well, your first line is obviously the truth, thanks. I'll be more careful of that in the future.

I posted a while back and got antsy, so I sprayed the jack and the connector on my earbuds down with contact cleaner...viola, works fine now.

Thanks though

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You washed it

did you look at both sides of the logic board? Connector damaged or shorted LB

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Good Luck,


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