What part do I need to buy?

I have a Microsoft SurfaceRT with a crack in the touch screen. The tablet turns on but the screen does not work. What part do I need to buy? I've seen on ebay, the lcd touch screen digitizer running for $50, and I've also seen the lcd and digitizer assembly running for $100-150.

I want to buy the part myself to save money, and am wondering which part I need to get. There's two links, and am wondering what the difference in the two screens are and which one that I need to buy. My screen turns on but the touch function does not work and there is a small crack on the corner of the screen.



Could someone tell me what the difference between the two screens are? And if possible, which one I need to buy? And If I can repair the screen with just the lcd/digitizer screen? not the lcd/digitizer assembly?

Thank you!

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