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Screen does not work.

I have no display, only gray screen. But I can use an external monitor and everything works fine. The display does light and I can see a slight flicker when looking down at the screen from a steep angle

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I found 4 loose screws floating around behind my LCD. I took the laptop to an Apple repair center, they said the screws must have shorted out the LCD or cable. Apple has agreed to repair my laptop back to New Condition. Thank you for your help. I am once again a happy Mac user.

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That's great to hear they were willing to fix an older laptop! Yeah, for some reason the screen screws in a lot of Mac laptops are loose or even completely disconnected. I used to think people were just lazy when replacing screens, which I'm sure is the case sometimes, but I've come to think it must often be a manufacturing defect, since otherwise a lot of screens seems completely untouched. Anyway, congrats again, and that's great to hear!

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I've come across cases like this where the video ribbon cable connecting to the back of the screen is simply unplugged or loose. The external display working means the video chip is good, and the fact that the screen lights means the inverter and inverter cable are good.

Before replacing the display data cable, first make sure it's plugged in at all, or loose. Hopefully you'll get lucky and it's just unplugged!

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This could be an issue with the display data cable.

iFixit Display Data Cable.

I used to fix Nextel cell phones and a BIG issue was that since the display cable was a ribbon cable it would wear out and break over time. This was because of the open and closing of the device. Friction over time broke the cable.

This is possibly the reason why your display is only lighting up and not showing a picture at all.

Other possiblities would be the Display Inverter, but it doesn't seem likely. Another could be the Logic Board or the Graphics Card.

I would try replacing the Data Cable first. you would be able to tell from looking at it if it is the problem. There would be a crack or tear close to the hinge area. Heres a break down of the display for the PowerBook G4.

Good Luck!


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