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iPhone 4S battery won't last even after new one installed?

I bought a used iPhone 4S this summer and everything looked in great shape except the battery drained quickly. I replaced the battery with one from iFixit and everything went smoothly, but it didn't improve battery life at all. I've followed every battery saving tip I can find, but nothing seems to help.

With bluetooth off and WiFi turned on and little to no use, it will last a maximum of 7 hours. If WiFi is turned off, it will make it 12 hours before needing charged.

I've reset/reinstalled iOS several times. I thought I would give iOS 8 a try and see if anything was better - long shot I know. Now the phone with WiFi/Bluetooth off won't make it more than 5 hours.

I don't know where to go from here - what part(s) would you recommend replacing? If it were WiFi, wouldn't the battery last much longer once it was turned off? Thanks for any suggestions!

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Thanks for the suggestion. I tried a different battery but it didn't help, and it wasn't particularly hot anywhere, but you sent me on the right path. I tried turning off the phone, but it wouldn't stay powered off unless it was plugged in. I remembered that when I first got the phone it had some odd audio issues that were related to the dock connector (I cleaned it good and it took care of that problem). However, I suspected that might be causing my power problems.

I replaced the dock connector and it solved my battery issue. It's been doing a great job of holding a charge now!

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Great answer and excellent trouble shooting. Good job in getting it done.


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get a new battery---all parts vendors have some rate of defects.

check for a short--can you feel a spot on the board that is too hot to touch?

does your phone consume battery even when turned off?

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