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Phone with Water Damage from 9 months ago just turned on?

Hi everyone!

I accidentally washed my iPhone 4 last Christmas and it did not work. I tried a bowl of rice, and it still did not work. I have kept it around and just today tried plugging it in - and it worked! The screen lit up and everything worked fine. I was able to view photos, contacts, text messages etc. But now the screen is black again. The sound works fine (for example when I turn volume on/off) Any suggestions on what is happening? Thanks so much!

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Hey Brittany,

Sometimes when water damage dries up on certain places, your device can actually work again. However, its not a permanent solution as there is still corrosion inside between the chips and connectors. Using the phone without properly cleaning it out can actually make things worse. If you don't do repairs, I would recommend you have a qualified person open it up and clean it for you. The display connectors and other parts could need/use some cleaning or might already be completely damaged by now.

My brother in-law had the same problem. I was able to clean most of it out with alcohol and an air duster afterwards. The display however started to show lines and discoloration after a month or so. I ended up purchasing a replacement screen and repairing his now functioning iPhone.

Best of Luck!

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The solution here is the board needs to be cleaned, and then the LCD connector area needs to have the solder joints reflowed to remove permanent oxidation and backlight filters replaced.


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