13.3" ASUS i5-4200u HD Tablet

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Asus T300 vibrates briefly but will not power on.

My <6 month old Asus T300 Transformer Book (Windows 8.1) has worked perfectly until yesterday. Now when I attempt to power it on via the power button, it gives a little vibration then nothing. If I press the button again within a few seconds I get a repeat, short small vibration then nothing.

The tablet has been plugged in for the past 24+ hours so should be charged. I have had no problem with battery life or charging.

I've tried holding down the power button for >60 seconds, as well as the power button and down volume (and up volume for completeness).

I've tried using a paperclip to press the hard reset button near the volume rocker and power light.

None of the above has helped. Looking for ideas to get my computer back.

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my keyboard does not work and does not related to bluetooth :(


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Hey S R,

I had the exact same problem myself. Was in class at my college, and slid it into my backpack and headed off to work. By the time I got there, it wouldn't do anything other than the brief vibrate at the beginning, and then nothing else. I fortunately could tell the computer was on because I have google remote connect, and could control it from there.

Long story short, I had to send it in to be repaired by ASUS. Apparently the LCD connector either disconnected somehow, or it had to be flat out replaced. You can however, if you don't have remote connect, try to hook up and external monitor and use the keyboard to send video to the ext. monitor.

That would tell you what your next step should be. (I realize your question is half a year old.. but someone else might be able to see and use this answer!)

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I HAVE SAME PROBLEM AS YOU HAVE WITH Asus T 300 CHI , MINE IS JUST 3 MONTHS. I tried pressing on button and everything like what you did but same thing it has no life. I DID NOTHING but sleep for an hour when I wake I press on button to start my computer but I cannot make it anymore. A the docking / keyboard has life it is blinking so with the blue tooth light but tablet is dead. I also tried the functions in keyboard but DOES NOT work. I HOPE Asus could help.


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Hello to all ! Even ages passes since you posted you message, is it too much to ask you to let's know about the way you finally got your Asus transformer T300 problem solved ? What has been done to it and the cost of the repair = sending fees, etc...... ! Thks! Tchotto on the Web. Nothing to sell !

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