iPhone 5c (blue) scratch removal

Hello everyone,

I was wondering if anyone had tips for getting rid of tiny scratches in the back plastic of an iPhone 5c. I have a cover on it but obviously something still seems to get in. The scratches, or more like 'dents' are only visible when the light hits them so not tragic, but I was hoping there would be a polish or something to polish them away. You get similar products for watch faces, I'm just cautious using something not specifically made for the type of plastic!

Any advice/ experiences would be much appreciated!

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I have a blue 5c and I also have had this problem no matter what cover I have. They kind of look like little dots on it. I have used a car polish on the back and it has given it a nice smooth gloss finish which will reduce friction and hopefully prevent further marks. I am yet to use a cut and polish compound to see how that works

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Ciao! Spero, dal tuo nome, che tu sia italiano. Volevo domandarti: anche io ho un iPhone 5C, ed effettivamente sulla scocca ci sono piccoli graffi che sembrano "puntini". Con il Polish posso cercare un qualche modo di coprirli senza rischiare nulla? Grazie mille


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