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Acer entered the world of laptop computers in 1997 when it purchased Texas Instruments' mobile PC division.

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Acer Aspire 7736Z won't power up

Suddenly, after 4 years of no issues, the laptop won't power up at all..dead...nothing. I tried the reset procedure a number of times. Tried a new charger. Tried with the new charger WITHOUT the battery in. Nothing. One tech said probably motherboard, but would like at least one more expert opinion before it toss it. Also, if it IS dead, could use advice on how to pull everything off my hard drive so it can be uploaded to new laptop. Many thanks.

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I have the same problem...flawless performance over the last 5 years...unheard of in today's world of DD's (disposable Dells!).

I went through the same steps. IMO, its a paperweight, UNLESS you have soldering seems that is a blown circuit on the MoBo (geek talk for MOther BOard).

Anyway, here's how you can easily get that information off the old hard drive.

Go to

In the product search box in the upper right hand corner, enter in >>> IDE2510U2 <<<

Cost me about $20 or so through my local independent computer repair and re-seller.

This is the item that I got about 5 years connects to your computer via USB and essentially makes your old hard drive an external drive. In fact, whenever I get rid of a computer, I harvest out the old hard worries about identity theft off an old hard drive if its sitting on my shelf!

Check that...l looked it up myself and they've replaced it with another item, which I'm sure is good. Its about $35, but still on the inexpensive side compared to losing all that information forever.

Good luck! BTW...WalMart, where I originally bought my Acer Aspire 7736z-4088....looks like they have an updated version on Rollback to $389 from $458.

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