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iMac Booting from time to time

Hello team.

I have an iMac Powermac G5. On switching on, i hear the fans run but no display. Sometimes it comes on well without any issue. After switching off it goes back to running fans again. Please help. I understand its a pretty old machine. How can we save it?

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Connect to an external monitor... if there's no image there when the on-board display is black it's your GPU/VGC, however if the external monitor looks fine when the display is black it's your on-board display chain... possibly your inverter or display itself.

Run your Apple Hardware test - you may have to run it more than once if your problem is intermittent.

The diagnostic LED lights can also point to a problem area.

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Hello MacHead.Thank you for your advise..let me try that in two hours time i will post back here

- de

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