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Motorola RAZR I - How To Replace SIM Card Reader?

My Motorola RAZR i has stopped recognising SIM cards, I've tried several "known working" SIM cards. I've taken apart the RAZR i to release the main logic board. I've got a spare SIM reader unit, but I can't work out how to release the SIM reader from the logic board. Does anyone how to do this? Is there soldering involved? Thanks!

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Hi James, I've managed to do this work. It's kind of difficult.

First I've used an air solder to release the sim tray, then I have to solder the new tray...

This one was very difficult, i don't know maybe there is an easier way to it, but i have to disarm the sim tray to solder with a normal iron. Be careful, there are an small spiring an a small arm inside that is easy to lost.

I'm really not good with English, so hope you understand.

Kind regards from Argentina

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