The second iteration of Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet computers with a 7.0 inch screen.

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Why tablet is doen't recognize the device?


My tablet is charging when I m connect the data cable in to the USB port.But My laptop/PC doesnt recorgnize it a device..I cant access my tablet in my laptop..Can any reply to me..

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Bought a note 3 on ebay, with the same problem..bought the data cable..nothing. Device mgr shows the phone and has drivers from Samsung listed in the usb listing. cannot transfer music....any help out there?


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Has it been recognized before?

What operating system (computer are you using)?

Does it charge it, even though its not recognized?

I would check to make sure you have the correct drivers installed and that you are using a data transfer cable, although the cables may seem to be a like some are not capable of transferring information and are meant only to charge the device.

Post back so I can further assist you.

Have a great day!

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Thank u for the answer..

yes. It was recognized earlier & computer OS is windows 8, yes it charge even though it’s not recognized. I think drivers are fine. Its working before correctly. I can’t find the problem is whether cable or my PC..

Thanks. Have a great day!.


Reply, Henry


The other idea that comes to mind is there are USB options, ensure "Media Device (MTP)" is checked. You can find this when you drag your finger from the top of the tablet. Should read " Connected as a media device Touch for options" tap that.

If the previous does not help you I would try changing the cable out, if you have one available (sometimes they go bad).

The last thing I would do is open device manager in windows 8 and remove the drivers then download them and install them from the vendor themselves.

On the desktop, press Windows key + X and select Device Manager.

b. Check if the Tablet is listed.

c. If it is listed, then right-click on the device and select Properties.

d. Check if the device is working properly.


Did you recently update to 8.1? Also what version of Android is the tablet running? What version of Kies do you have installed? (Kies and Kies 3) If you have time download the appropriate version then install and restart the pc.


Did any of this help or do you still have the issue? If you could post back to help others that would be very nice.

Thanks in advance,



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Pretty rude of OP to not respond.

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