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Model A1204 / 1 or 2 GB capacity

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Can I restore music that disappeared after I disconnected prematurely?

I was charging MY HUSBAND'S shuffle, which he specifically told me to turn off itunes as soon as it started,which I turned off after it synced five songs and now all the music that he put in from his cds is gone.

We have looked through all file folders etc. We have 2 iPods on our computer and all the kids stuff is still there. Wouldn't you know. Is there anyway to retrieve his music without the hassle of having to dig out all the cds and physically redoing it.Please say YES. Please say YES.

Thank you.

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C:\Users\[Your account]\Music\Itunes\Itunes Music for Windows Vista or 7

C:\Documents and Settings\[your account]\My Documents\My Music\iTunes\iTunes Music for Windows XP

/Users/[Account name]/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music for Mac

This is all from memory!

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Thank you for your help. I am as yet unsucessful but am now trying to see if I can locate any files with an mp3 ending and if so try to get them back. Again thank you for your help, I really appreciated it.

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