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Cuarta generación de CDMA iPad 4. Disponible en modelos de 16, 32 o 64 GB. Número de modelo A1460.

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Do I need a new LCD?

I had replaced the screen on my ipad 4 it went ok when powering back on the device the LCD was blank so i did a hard reset holding the power button and home button down for 10 sec. And the LCD kit up but only the lower quater the upper 3/4 was much darker with what it appears to look like a crack do I need a new LCD

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Double check underneath the LCD to ensure that there is nothing that could be causing pressure on the LCD, if there is remove or try and repair it, otherwise you may have actually cracked the LCD and will need a new one.

also check that none of the LCD ribbon cables are not creased or damaged.

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