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Battery not charging dim magesafe light

Helllo dear fixers :)

My macbook wont charge the battery in any case, but works of the battery as well as the power cord, but once the battery is drained it wont recoginse it anymore and also it never chrages it. The light on the magsafeplug is always a very dimmed green, regardless if battery is installed or not.

I read a lot and i was thinking to replace the left IO Board but then i read that in some instances (not exaclty like mine) the problem would be on the logic board.

Any advice? shoudl i give the IO Board a try?

Thanks a 1000 times


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Also, i tried several battery and charger….same behaviour

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yeah man! if you already try different charger and battery u must check IO board

good luck!

MacBook Pro 15" Core 2 Duo Model A1211 Left I/O Board Replacement

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Hi thanks for the answer :)

I really hope this will fix it and it isnt the FETs transistors on the main logic board, as i read on an similar problem with an other model....

Any other opinions?


- de

don't think to much:) its not so expensive and probably you will fix the problem.

if didn't work, maybe is some connection or transistor in the primary logic board so you need to Reflow but i hope NOT.

good luck!

or ask me, for case i have one that you can try :)

- de

Great thanks i will try it then :) so you have one? :-)

- de

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Block Image

its my friend mac, the motherboard is faulty by the usually bug in graphic chip.

i have this one but i think its the last model of this series macbook pro.

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Nice one!!! Replaced the IO Board with your given link from ebay, works like a charm now :))))

Thanks a lot for your reassessment and advice and so on :)


- de

nice to hear that! i'm so happy for you :)

it is always good to resurrect old macbook!


- de

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