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The Samsung Galaxy S4, model i9505, features a 13-megapixel rear camera, and a 5-inch 1080p display.

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GT-i9500 vs GT-i9505 frame difference


Was doing my first S4 lcd with frame replacement today, and just when I was going to place the motherboard into the new frame, I realised that the new frame is a GT-i9500 modell and not a GT-i9505 modell that we use here in Norway. So now I'm pretty stuck... Since the motherboard does not fit in the new frame.

Is there a way I can make this fix? Maybe take out the LCD from the new frame and replace it in the old frame? Is that alot of work? Will the GT-i9500 LCD fit in the GT-i9505 frame/motherboard.


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Hello ran into this problem before myself the frames are not compatable the lcd themselves are the same but not the frames ..

The lcd is glued to the frame and impossible to remove without breaking so you will need another lcd with the correct frame or a lcd to fit to the frame you want

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Ahh okey. Since it is my first S4 repair, I will just order new ones with the right frame. Please take contact if you need some brand new S4 GT-i9500 lcd with frame ;-)

- de

Lol thanks for the offer

- de

Martin can you give me the first lcd you buy

- de

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I don't understand this.

The lcd/touch screen are attached to a front frame. You can buy the lcd and screen with or w/o the frame. If you buy it w/o it is much more work, as you need to remove the possible cracked screen and will most likely damage the lcd in doing so. This is ok though as now you can replace both onto the old frame and reassemble the phone.

If you purchased the lcd and screen assembled on a front frame, they come as described...( ASSEMBLED).

Now all you need to do is pass the multiwire connector on the new front assembly through the rear assembly and snap on the wire connecter gently . You may want to place the 2 halves side by side and plug in the connector before fully assembling to make sure the new and old equipment are working. The rear assembly faces up and the front assembly will be on the right and facing down. Reinstall the bottom rear charger/home button cover and charged battery. The on button is on the left side of the rear assembly, a very small white switch. Use a non metallic (plastic) tool to press in the switch, holding until you feel the phone vibrate. The screen should come on shortly after, and you may try a few functions.

The Mother board is on the rear assembly and does not need to be moved in either situation. I understand that the front frame is different between models . The GT I9500 front frame is not compatble with GT-I9505.

The GT-I9505 is compatible with the the Sprint model SPH-L720T, but not with the L720 ;

the Verizon model # SCH-1545, and the US Cellular model # SCH-R970.

The AT&T model SGH-1337 is compatible with the T- Mobil model SGH_M919

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