ipad mini is dead and getting hot, wont restore

Hi all,

I have this iPad Mini that was brought to me for repair, broken front glass.

It has been dead since I was given it so don't know much history except it has the broken screen, I have tried charging it and resetting it by pressing both the power and home buttons and have had zero response. ITunes doesn't recognize it when it's plugged into the computer.

I have taken the old broken screen off and replaced with a new one to see if the home button was faulty on the old screen, still nothing.

I measured the battery voltage at 2.2 volts which is very low so replaced the battery with a good one.

Now with the good battery one of the chips inside is getting very hot, it's located just underneath the main processor chip, not sure what it controls.

Any ideas?


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I have the same problem with ipad mini... Any solution? Is it a IC chip?

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