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Should screw protrude into battery bay?

My PowerBook model meets this description (it is a 1.5Ghz, purchased new in June 2005), but the model # is M9691LL/A.

Can someone look at this Step #15 on the iFixit site and tell me the lengths of the two screws circled in red? Should both screws be of the same length and fit *flush* with the inside edge of the case - or does one actually protrude INTO the battery bay?

I think my case was improperly reassembled by the shop that recently did work on it, as the screw on the far right is longer and is protruding INTO the battery bay keeping my battery from "seating" correctly in the bay. It seems as if they should both be flush with the edge of the case, but I need to confirm this.

Thanks for help with this.

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As far as i know, they should be both 3mm screws and NOTHING should produte into the battery bay.

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Thank you for the response. I need to obtain a proper screw so as to correctly seat the battery. Unfortunatley, this situation begs the question of where the tech inserted the 3mm screw that should've gone here... and whether there's another problem lurking as a result. :-{

- de

For a makeshift solution you could just remove the offending screw and leave it like that. Your PB won't fall apart ;-)

- de

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