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El Samsung Galaxy Note II es un teléfono inteligente que destaca por la combinación de una pantalla grande y un software optimizado para un lápiz óptico auto almacenable integral.

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Screen displays Samsung Galaxy Note II that turns black

My note 2 screen turns on when I turn the phone on...

And it displays "Samsung Galaxy Note II" as usual...

but then it becomes a bit distorted & goes black (as if it is off) but the phone is still on (btw, touchscreen is working)...

After that I turned it of & tried starting it in download mode & the the screen turned on without any problems...

what is the problem???

Is it my screen, my screen cable, or the software???

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2 Respuestas

Reflashing updated firmware properly .

if itz not fix yet,

check the cable and serface on approximate sencor around front cam.

i hope for fix.

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Had something similar when I first tried rooting my gn2. Can't recall the exact details, but the guts of it was that I had rooted it and applied an outdated recovery, and got this same behaviour. I panicked a little bit. I was able to get it into download mode, and tried a new root method which restored the factory recovery, which fixed the boot screen and allowed me to access the home screen again. I then proceeded to install a current recovery without incident. Hope that helps, and sorry I can't recall exact details.


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