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UV loca glue as a replacement of double sided tape


I've been running a repair shop in Belgium for almost 2 years now. I've been officially self employed since a couple of months, i've done every repair for all sorts of phones..

Lately i've been having some problems with the delivered double sided tape to use on iPads (to glue the screen on ..) the left side (where the flex cable is) comes lose 7/10 times, the flex cable pushes the screen out of its glue and come out ..Customers come back for this, obviously, but it's kinda a waste of time when i have to do 3/10 iPads again ...

I use doubly sided tape delivered by my supplier and i add another extra on sides which are known to come lose.

Now, out of a sudden i came to the conclusion that i need a replacement "glue" to think ahead and undo a problem.

I've been using UV loca glue (from ebay) to glue Samsung screens so I can just swap the glass...

Will this work on an iPad or to dangerous with al the cables and motherboard, etc...?

The glue is pretty stiff and not moveable without moving the phone around, so when i'm able to just glue the sides of the iPad (not to much) and widen it a bit then put the screen on and stick the iPad under UV light?

Not sure if it's a good idea, but the UV glue is very strong and doesn't come lose very easily...

Thanks ahead.

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The cable is placed properly like others have said. Not sure if LOCA glue would work that good. It is mainly used to bond the glass and lcd, so the bond with glass and plastic instead might not be as strong. You are better of using super glue ( a small amount). Just note that once you place the glass down, you will not be able to get it off without breaking it. Here is some more useful info on LOCA glue:

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Fold the cable properly into the recess of the case, it won't pop out

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The problem your having with the cables is your not fitting them between the frame and lcd I have never had a customer come back with this problem..

Uv glue would not be a good idea if your planing on putting it over the lcd..

What I do is use a little gorilla glue on all corners and in the centres now it's only a little dab of the glue as it is very very strong and it means if you have to take the screen off again in the future til repair it's not to hard he is a pic of the way the flex should be folded

Block Image

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As far as i know I always do the cable the way you show me..

Also i was not planning on using it on the LCD, rather on the frame of the iPad where te sides of the screen go..

But what you say about gorilla glue is also a good idea.

I'll see what fits me best!



No probs just make sure flex isn't being squeezed between lcd and glass and a little bit of gorilla glue and you'll not have any returns again


what kind of gorilla glue?


Here in the UK, I use something called fantastic elastic for ones that popular in that area.

It's strong enough to hold, but more important, it remains slightly flexible, not rock solid/brittle. So if you need to remove the glass again for any other reason, the glue can be cut through with something like the iseasamo and not break the glass when removing.


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Hi I hope u doing fine and u think uv glue is going to damage ur lcd and that glue u going to clean every day bz after u dry in uv lamp it will come out slowly from the sides so after u put the touch screen u can use B7000 glue side of touch screen

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