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Modelo A1278 /Procesador 2.4 o 2.66 GHz Core 2 Duo de mediados de 2010

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Display black, even after swapping logigboard & display & lvds cable

hi together,

i love this site, helped me in lots of cases regarding my macs and iPhones. actually i´ve got a really weird problem and i hope you could help me to figure this problem out.

the display of my macbook pro still keeps black.

i´ve ordered another logic board, another display and a lvds connector cable. equal of which combination of the parts, the display still keeps stay black.

i can work through an external monitor or via remote through the network. in the preferences everything is fine but the internal display is not listed.

how i can solve this problem?!

your help would be great !!

cheers, tom

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Hi Tom!

Supposing that all of the new parts (logic boards, display, lvds cable) are in good condition and you assemble them well to the motherboard, I think this problem is caused by hardware, the motherboard (main board). I suggest you should check as following to be sure

1. Open your MacBook in a dark room (in the evening without lights around, for example).

2. Look closely to the screen (display) of the laptop.

- If you can see dim pictures (though it's hard to see), then the power supply from the mainboard to the screen fails

- If you can see weak light, then video signals from video chip (GPU) fails. Check the GPU chip, it process and give out LVDS (Low Voltage Different Signal, digital video signal) to the display.

Hope these tiny suggestion can help!

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