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Could the internals fit into a 14" G4 iBook case?

I'd like to know if the internals of the mini can be arranged into the iBook case, and if it would be possible to mod it to incorporate the ports of the mini into the iBook case and use any of iBook's incorporated components (screen, keyboard, trackpad, battery, speakers, etc.) or mod upgraded versions of those components into the case. I plan to use the mini's power cable, which has been more reliable for me.

I tried to find information on such a mod elsewhere, but couldn't find very much information. It seems like the volume of the mini is actually smaller than the iBook base where all the parts would have to go, but I don't know if the mini's components allow the flexibility of arrangement that would permit me to do it.

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I think your asking a lot here. Sorry a bar of Lead can't be made into a bar of Gold ;-}

The logic boards of these systems are very different and are designed with different power and display systems. Your iBook is designed to run off of a battery while your mini is designed to run off of the AC line in your home. Your iBook also has a built-in display which is not compatible with your mini.

The cost of designing a new logic board from the ground up to support an Intel CPU that would fit into your iBook would cost much more than buying the latest 13" MacBook Pro. Besides I don't think you have the skills or tools (or money) Apple has to do such a task.

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I wasn't really counting on running the machine off battery power. The battery for the iBook has already failed, so it's been running off AC power almost as long as the mini. I thought that the logic board for the mini would actually be smaller than the iBook's and fit into its case, but I couldn't find anywhere that listed size specs for internal pieces. I really thought that since the mini was designed with laptop sized components to fit into its enclosure that it would be more a matter of if the connections between the components would allow them to be laid out in a flat, rather than stacked, configuration.

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Sorry, no the logic board is not the same size or configuration, nor could could you force fit it in. There are other aspects of each of these systems that also prohibit swapping besides the more obvious ones I've stated here.

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While I know the answer is not what you wanted to here, please remember to rate (score) and mark it accepted.

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