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iPhone 5S Screen won't power on after screen replacement

Hey there,

I just replaced my iPhone 5S screen. The replacement went fine, but I can't get the screen to power on after.

I've gone back in and retraced my steps/made sure everything was connected appropriately. I've also tried resetting the phone.

I'm unable to get the screen to light up at all.


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Diagnostics is always the way to go.

In this situation, I would first boot the phone into DFU mode to confirm that the phone can even power on. To do this, first connect your phone to your computer. Then hold the power and home button for 12 seconds. Then release the power button but keep pushing the home button. If your computer recognizes the iPhone in DFU mode, then the iPhone is still indeed functioning and the problem lays elsewhere. If not, then either damage to a vital component on the logic board has been ensued such as ESD damage (electrical static discharge) when disassembling the phone or the phone is not receiving any power from either the battery or an external power source.

Next, I would confirm that the work done on the screen replacement was done properly. I would check the flex cables and connectors themselves. Are they pinched or folded severely? Was the pin connectors damaged when trying to press the connectors back onto the sockets? I had actually damaged one of the very tiny gold tins in the connector of the 5S screen before and that has caused the screen to not function. Are the connectors properly seated and connected to the sockets? They usually snap into place on the sockets. When screwing the metal shield plating back over the connectors, did you properly torque the screws? Over tightening the screws can cause problems.

There are other methods i would go through before i come to the conclusion that the screen itself is defective. However, these are just the basic methods you should try first before deeming a screen as defective. Of course, if you receive your replacement screen after returning your defective screen to the vendor and the screen doesn't work, well the problem lies deeper into the logic board or you bought from a really crappy vendor that supplies low quality parts.

Best of luck

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i have went to fix my iphone 5s screen but my phone doesnt turn on

what can i do? is there any way to fix it?


hi noticed the vibrator connector on my iphone was missing a gold pin would that stop the phone from turning on

thanks matt


did you ever find the reason why it would not work ????


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Try plugging it into the charger and make sure that your home button is connected before trying to power it on. If none of these would simply return the part and get a replacement as that is most likely your problem.

Hope this helps!

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Try to put it into DFU mode, that should do it :)


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Hello! So my iPhone did the same thing turns out you have to have the old screen on while the phone is turned on remove the screen with the phone on and replace new screen with phone on I don't know why it just works

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