13" aluminum unibody, 2.0 or 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo processor.

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Screen Backlight Not Working!

My MacBook Aluminium Mid 2008 is not working.

I've already change the LVDS cable and the display screen.

The common things to do like press the cmd, option and P and R keys when booting don't work.

I don't know what to do, I've seen a lot of people having the same problem but all of them have MacBooks where you can change the inverter board, I think that in my case this is not possible.

I do not have the HDD installed (crashed), the Desktop is not visible even with a flashlight, the start up sound "tadaaa" is sounding normaly after I press the power button and that is it...

The LCD screen is changing (more darker) and nothing else, the cpu fan is operating.

Some suggestions?


p.s. My macbook is a 2.4GHz intel core 2 duo mid 2008, just MacBook aluminium (A1278), not the Pro version


The last four digits of my serial number are 5W7A


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Does this http://www.everymac.com/systems/apple/ma... look like your model? Your serial number does not give me a match.Why did you change the LCD and what is the model number on your LCD? Any number will help to properly identify your hardware


Thanks oldturkey03 for your answer.

Look my laptop i fall down and the story starts... I ask for help and one "technician" damaged my motherboard (destroyed the LVDS flex cable clip on MB) so i bought one new motherbord and a new LVDS cable, check...nothing so i changed and my lcd because i thought is damaged...

The serial numper in new motherboard is W88400D245W7A M97 2.4G BEST also there is and a little sticker with those numbers CG3E 21PG7MB0020.

The screen number are LP133WX3-TLA5 Factory ID:LGDNJ


Thank you Dan for your answer!!! My HDD is damaged and i dont have recovery CD. But is it necesary the existance of Hdd - Cd-DVD to booting up? Is this the couse for not light up my screen ?


Also there is the serial number from my macbook W88481KY180


Well yes & no ;-} The need for a bootable disk (one with the correct OS for you system) allows us to see if there is a desktop image (even with no backlight) without the disk you should only see a smaller blinking question mark on the screen (smack in the middle). Try shining a flashlight from the lids Apple logo inwards (a poor mans backlight as we call it) to see if you see the question mark on the screen. What gets me here is you do see the phasing of the liquid crystals (screen gets darker) so we know the display is working to a point.


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Too many changing/wrong variables at once makes an impossible diagnostic puzzle. Without a LVDS cable, or any display an external monitor should work with a good logic board, bootable OS and a working Graphics Chip (GPU). ALL THREE must be "known" working items.

From there you can diagnose the display issue. IF you have an LED display you're right there is no inverter board, but a controller, aka "fuse" that controls the LED BACKLIGHTS. IF you put the wrong, or used LED display in the machine you have no way to eliminate the display as source of the problem.

That being said there's a higher incidence of BAD LVDS cables being the cause display issues than the controller or display (UNLESS YOU WET or DROPPED THE UNIT).

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Thank you for your answer. I ve allready placed order for an dvi to vga converter for testing proposes… I will keep you informed.. Thanks again! !!!


When you get the adapter even without a working HHD/SSD the monitor should start and show you an error symbol indicating there's no boot volume to be found. If that doesn't occur you have a damaged GPU or logic board. If it does you can use the external monitor to create a working internal or external drive that has Apple Diagnostics on it. Running that will give you more information about what's going on.


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Measure pins 21/22 of LVDS. 0v, 12.6v, or 27-40v? What do you get?

Let's go from there.

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change fuse backlight marking (P)everything will back to normal.good luck!!✌

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