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Water Spilled, Doesn't start

3 Days ago i spilled like 0.4 dl tap water on my MBA. I immediately shut it down, but i couldn't remove the battery due to the missing screwdriver.

Today i got the screwdriver and only removed the battery.

Situation: I can't start it with the power button. I can't start it with the power pad (either i am doing it wrong, the screwdriver doesn't conduct or something there is broken too).

What i can say is, when i plug in the power cord, there is a constant green LED, so there is electricity?

I already tried to reset the SMC, unsuccessful.

When i plug in the battery, the LED turns red, meaning it charges the battery?

My question is, how am i able to find the piece yet to be repaired/replaced and how do i start the MBA alternatively?

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Opal Strahm, before doing anything else, you want to stop using your computer (remove the battery). Using your computer could lead to a shortcircuit on your logic board. You do want to properly clean your MBA. Use these guides to disassemble your computer. Then use 90%+ isopropyl alcohol and a small soft brush to clean every part of your computer. While you clean it, check for any burned/charred or missing component. If you do not clean your computer, you will eventually run into corrosion damage. Once you have everything cleaned, reassemble and re-evaluate.Do not forget to clean the IO board as well as all the cables and cable connectors. You want to pay particular attention to your IO board. That is also the first board that I would consider changing if the cleaning etc. does not help. If you have a multimeter, you could check the two fuses that are within the power circuitry, one the logic board and one on the IO board. Check those for continuity.If you need to locate those, you will have to post some high res images of both your logic board as well as the IO board with your question. Use this guide to help you with that.Again, do all this only once your board is cleaned. As an alternate way to start your MBA you could bridge the power-on pads or connect pin 11 of the trackpad connector to ground. Those means are only to be used for debugging purpose and should never been used to routinely starting your computer. Hope this helps, good luck.

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