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The Sony Xperia Z is an Android based phone that was released in 2013. It is one of the largest phones of the Xperia family with a 5-inch full HD display. Model numbers include C6603/C6602.

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Cracked screen with lower half responsive

Hi guys,

My Xperia Z was knocked on to wall with its corner.

And there's a crack inside the phone.

The outer glass/screen is not cracked, its the inside.

Cracked hairline area aren't responsive, but lower half ( non-damaged area is able to respond to touch )

I've seen the repair guide for XZ in this website, and the guy is only replacing one part ( touchscreen and lcd display? ).

I'm not sure which parts should I buy to replace the screen myself.

Front LCD Display Screen+Back Cover

Touch Screen Digitizer

Or should i get this full set, which is expensive?

[|Full LCD Display+Touch Screen Digitizer

Or please advice on the parts.



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fish, unless you have experience with that, I suggest the complete assembly. Yes it is more expensive but it will also make the job a lot easier. you are also less likely to break the parts and having to replace it a couple of times. Hope this helps, good luck.

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i would also recommend buying the lcd with the frame attached. it's $5 more for the frame and makes it look like new, the reason behind this is that you don't have to adhere the lcd back to the frame.

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