Gyroscope stopped working, no screen rotating, after rear case replace

Hello there.

For starters. I have an iPhone 5. I've replaced the power button on my iPhone, after that everything worked just fine - normally I have the standing position (portrait) locked, so the screen doesn't tilt when I'm laying in my bed. But then I found and old game that I used to play, this game is called Labyrinth, it's a game where a ball is moving the way you're tilting your phone.

But the ball stood still, I've tried to reset the phone back to factory - but it when work. I've tried to unlock the lock, so that I could tilt the screen into landscape mode, this doesn't work either.

I've tried to search for answers and I come up almost empty handed. The only thing I found out, is that sensor (gyro?) which picks up that the phone is tilting are located at the Logic Board.

I don't know when the sensor broke. Because I don't use it very much. I've read that it often comes because of you dropping your iPhone on the ground?

I came aware of the flaw after home button replacement.

The problem is that the tread was old and no one answered my question, which I'm now asking you:

- What can I try to make it work?

- Is there any cable of something I should try to take off an set it right back?

- What can I do to troubleshoot this?

- Is it possible to change that censor, on the Logic Board?

The only question is: What can I do to fix this?

Hope someone out there can help me!



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I don't believe that you problem is a sensor. The problem sounds like the mute/ rotation switch is broken or may have been installed improperly. Do you have it set to mute or to lock rotation?

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I have this same problem. My iPhone 5s cannot play games with tilt controls, including VR. It absolutely sucks because I used to love using my VR headset and playing Temple Run 2 but now I can't


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