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Why my Air doesn't work well

Recently my Air doesn't work well:

  1. Sometimes it doesn't power on, if it does, the fan get very loud, and after 10 or 20 minutes it's getting slower and slower, finally it just freeze.
  2. Sometimes it doesn't wake up from sleep mode. Pressing power button, the fan runs fast but the Apple logo doesn't present.

Things have done:

  1. Resetting SMC and PRAM
  2. Running AHT, no problem found
  3. Using Temperature Monitor and find out the temperature on CPU and batteries are below 45 degree C.

Any and all help are appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Can you paste a snapshot of Temperature Monitor so we can see the fan speed.

The only thing left is looking at the battery. Install this little gem: coconutBattery.

Other than that I would look at backing up your stuff and re-installing a fresh copy of your OS and Apps.

You've already gone though the more likely things.

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Thank you, Dan.

I have installed the coconutBattery and my battery have 92% of design capacity.

In Temperature Monitor, I don't see the fan speed data. Maybe I need to find a Apps with fan speed monitor.

I'll following your idea to re-instaling my OS. Thanks again.


Ming, the Air only has one fan and the display is different from the temps as it shows the RPM on the left of the bar which has a range mark on each end in Temperature Monitor, I don't think the tool is defective here. Your RPM should be changing but it may not exceed the lower range mark so it can be mis-leading. Start a YouTube vid in a second window you should see the fan's RPM ramp up.


Hi Dan, I can now read the fan's PRM using Temperature Gauge. When I play a video, the temperature of CPU ramps up to 61 degree C, Northbridge's temperature is 71 degree C, and the fan's speed ramp up to 4150 RPM. I have no idea if the temperatures and RPM are acceptable or not.


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