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Is it worth trying to replace the DC board after water damage?

I've got a MBP that's suffered some water damage. I tried to clean the board off but in the process, may have damaged the board beyond repair. One of the screws became stripped due to being stuck from corrosion. I scratched the board and there's a noticeable copper mark. I can't tell if I accidentally scrapped a component off or not.

When I tried to power it on after, one of the two components literally caught on fire for a brief second as soon as I plugged the MagSafe in.

I'm wondering if it's worth trying to just replace the DC board or not. When I plug the MagSafe in now, I get nothing. If I jiggle the connection, every once and awhile it will turn amber.

Also, when I plug it in, the battery indicator on the side lights up and works when I press the button. Since that's at least getting power, I'm wondering if all might not be lost. here's a picture of the damage I'm talking about

Block Image

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john chomp, "if it's worth trying to just replace the DC board or not.", No, it is not. Just from your image it is obvious that you have significant corrosion on your board. If you do not clean the board properly with sterile water and a soft brush, with a subsequent rinse with isopropyl alcohol, you might as well do nothing. I suggest a proper cleaning. replace the missing/burned component and then you try to narrow your damage down.

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I was mainly wondering whether or not that brass scratch was actually something that got chipped off. That definitely couldn't be replaced but the burnt DC board could be.


It looks like it is bare but not interrupted. Zoom out and let us see where the damage is in relation to the whole board.


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