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phone was coming on and off when charger plugged in.

My phone just stopped charging. The charger, when plugged in was coming on and off.

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I hade the same problem.. when i plugged it.. it stil charge but 2 seconds later the charge goes out and 2 seconds later the charge come in.. is my phone damaged?.. can anyone help me? I really-really need your help..


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- Try with another battery

- Try with another charger (not with the laptop USB)

- Clean the battery connectors on the phone

- Try to charge the battery externally

If you phone switch-on normally with other battery but again have a problem with the charging, then you have a hardware problem. This can be broken USB connector, charging line on the mother board or charging i.c.

If you phone can't switch-on, try to enter in the Android Recovery menu and reset it, or try to flash it with Odin. But if you phone can't enter in the recovery mode (Home + Volume Up + Power) or Download mode (Volume Down + Power) you have a hardware problem with the mother board. For this operation you must use a fully charged battery.


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please Guys I have Sony ST21i with me ,each time I try to charge the phone it went off........I need a help


Most of the times problem occurs because of faulty charging connector. So change the connector and see if it helps.


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my phone is a coolpad and evey time i put any charger it wont work is my battery damage

Update (05/03/2018)

and it turns off and on

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