iPhone 5 Touching Itself!

Hi guys,

I purchased a used iPhone 5 the other week, and a few days later noticed that the screen had started to "touch itself". Initially this was just near the top (it kept dragging down the top menu!). When opening snapchat and using the drawing tool, it was drawing a diagonal line across the screen on its own. Also whilst typing, it would often hold down letters on its own, or the screen would freeze completely!

To get out of the frozen screen, or to stop the screen being touched down on its own I would simply turn the screen off then back on and it would be fine!... for a few secs.

My initial thought was a dodgy digitizer, so I replaced this. It worked fine for half hour then started to resume back to pressing itself!

I tried another screen, and also changed the metal back plate to the scree. Again, this would work fine for a bit then start playing up again!

Despite having 88 days warranty left, Apple wont look at it free as I've removed the screen myself... which apparently voids the warranty.

I'm stuck for ideas!

I've already tried doing a restore! Once from the phone and ones via iTunes.

Stuck for ideas, but it's really annoying! I can't even send a txt properly now without having to turn the screen off then back on a few times to avoid buttons being pressed or it pressing back to the prev screen!?

Any suggestions would be great!

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Block Image

Cover this part either side with electrical tape and test screen.

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Still no joy as suspected. I had already previously replaced the whole digitizer too


Mmmm could me motherboard damage

I would try apple again but never mention anything about opening it up


Just did a motherboard swap to a working iPhone. Same issue! Guessing its the m/b or software. Will try another complete wipe again...


At least now you know its not the screens fault


Did a complete wipe, whilst it was in a completely new shell etc. Still an issue. HAS to be the mainboard :( Looks like a new phone for me :(


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Hello everyone who has the issue, there are 3 options/ steps to try before buying a new screen or phone...

1. Check if your phone is bent in anyway. :if it is try to bend it back with medium presure. Make sure not to push on the screen. If it isn't move onto step 2

2. Search how to remove the ports to the LCD and display digitiser on Google. If the issue persists move to step 3

3. Your IPhone is broken, go and buy a new phone sorry ;@

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