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Versión renovada del iPhone 3G con velocidades de procesamiento más rápidas. La reparación de este dispositivo es similar a la 3G y requiere destornilladores simples y herramientas de palanca. Modelo A1303 / 16 o 32 GB de capacidad / respaldo de plástico negro o blanco.

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Phone doesn't react – How can I find out what's wrong?

Hey everyone,

I was using an iPhone 3GS which I bought in January 2010. My power button hadn't been working for a while now but I could get around with Apple's native Assistive Touch. I realized over the last days that my battery had become very short-lived compare to before, and one day after I had just fully charged it, taking it out of my pockets it didn't react at all anymore. Plugging it in again there wasn't any reaction either.

How can I find out what happened to the phone? My wild guess is that the battery just stopped working, but any other suggestions are welcome. What should I do as a first step?

Many thanks for your help!

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Duci, before anything else, replace the battery. This will give you a clean known to be good starting point in case you need further troubleshooting. Hope this helps, good luck

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Thank you, Old Turkey and Mitch Rush, for your answers. I have a 3G battery readily available, is it adviseable to build it in my 3GS just for checking whether the battery is actually the problem? That would speed up the process enormously…

- de

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Duci, I agree with Old Turkey,, if you are still having problems after a new battery than I would replace the dock connector.

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