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charging and battery so bad


I have iphone 5 it's charging very very very slowly and battery decreasing very very very quickly it's take 7 hours for full charging and dead in 2 hours without using iphone I have hardware problem please help me

I'm trying to replace battery but no thing change (as same as)

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Ahmad Qassem, you did not tell us if your iPhone is still recognized by your computer when you plug it in. Since you already replaced the battery, I'd suggest to replace the lightning connector. Here is the guide for it. Should this fail as well, you will have to take a close look at your logic board. It is possible that you are having problems with the charging circuit. You may have problems with the USB IC protector or the charging IC. Take a look at those components and check for missing or burned components. To repair them you would have to reflow the BGA IC or even replace it with a reball. This is intricate repair and will require the right tools and the right skills. If you have not done that, you may want to leave it for a professional to do. So go with the easy stuff first.Hope this helps, good luck.

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