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Replaced iPhone 4s battery and still not charging

I replaced my iPhone 4S battery with an iFixit battery following the tutorial to the letter.

The original problem was my iPhone just stopped charging, so I assumed it was a bad battery.

Obviously, this is not the case. When I plug the phone into the charger (on outlet and laptop) it immediately picks up connectivity and says the phone is charging, but the percentage is slowly dropping, not charging.

I thought perhaps the charging dock is bad, but wouldn't the connection be non-existent if that were the case?

What other areas could be the issue, and how can I verify the problem?


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The low hanging fruit here is the dock connector---these are exposed to the elements on the outside so good chance of failure. Then a second battery. Then you'd think about board repair like charging coil, pry damage etc.

If you think about the 30 pin connector, each pin (more or less) does a different job, so it is entirely possible that detection works but not charging.

My bet is dock connector will solve on this one.


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Thanks for the reply! I already purchased a dock connector (because I thought that was the original problem since OEM battery had same issue).

So I'll take it apart again tomorrow and replace the dock connector, fingers crossed!

Will update status tomorrow!

Cheers :)


Replacing the dock connector resolved the issue! I followed iFixit's guide and had a flawless replacement! Cheers!


congratulations! I win another bet :)


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