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Una afeitadora Tipo 5491 de Braun con muchas similitudes a los modelos 7570, 7564, 7664, y 7690.

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cannot get it to turn off

it has 3 options to operate . it will operate on all 33 but will not come down to off

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This might help: Braun Shaver Model 7680 Battery Replacement

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Open the case as per tutorial to change the battery. I had similar issue but just not turning on, case was full of hair which prevented the correct operation.

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The slider switch on mine has failed too. It jams in one or two 'up' positions that make no difference. Mine is the Braun 7505, but essentially the same as many others. YouTube has one video on the topic, solving the problem with a hammer. Unhelpful. :-/

Anyone tackled the sliding switch problem? Certainly not a battery issue.


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@ardwych see if this gets you to where you need to be with that switch.

- de

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