A 3G smartphone also known as the Samsung I9000 Galaxy S, or the Samsung I9008 Galaxy S in the Chinese market, released Spring 2010.

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Display is "black" although phone powers up, rings, etc.

Same problem as the person on this link:

I think I cut a cable during disassembly...the display cable?

Just a followup question, please, as I have the same problem. Does your comment "Yup, looks like you will need a new one. It looks like the cable is an integrated part of the screen and not replaceable by itself" mean that replacing the screen in fact also automatically takes care of the broken cable?

I ask because I don't want to spend the money having the screen replaced only to find out that the cable is a seperate issue--as I can only find local and distant repairs for screen only-- and that I have to then go ahead and buy a new phone. Thanks!

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yes the screen cable is attached to the screen

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