Why won't my iPhone charge?


I recently got my iPhone damp, but not fully submerged in water. I thought that was the only issue with it so I left in some rice for about a week. I then realised it was my battery that was playing up and I replaced it. It was working fine and had connected it to the charger. However, I took it off charge briefly and then went to put it back on a few minutes later. It was then I noticed it wasn't charging even though I tried both of my chargers in numourus sockets and it still wouldn't charge. These chargers both work in my iPod. Do i have to replace the dock connector?

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Katie Davies, " I left in some rice for about a week." can be part of the issue. Rice is great for cooking but it will not stop corrosion nor will it fix your phone. Since it did have an immersion the first thing I suggest doing is to not longer try to turn it on or charge it. It is easily possible that you are shortening out parts on the logic board i.e. the power management IC. I strongly recommend that you disassemble your phone using these guides. Once you have that done, clean your phone with high grade isopropyl alcohol and this guide. It was written for a 3g but all the points are valid for your phone as well. While you clean your board, make sure that you inspect the SMD components, check for burned, charred, or missing components. Use a magnifying source and take your time with that. if nothing else check the "USB Fuses" and the charging coil see what you get on those. Check your traces very carefully to make sure that those are not damaged.

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Once its clean, and you replaced the battery already, replace the dock connector and reassemble and re-evaluate for further (if any) damage. Hope this helps, good luck.

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Thank you for your suggestions, I will be sure to try them out.


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