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Airport signal strength diminished.

Seem to have lost some signal strength from Airport Extreme to MacBook Pro (mid 2010). Activity monitor sometimes shows network speeds in bytes. Only Hughesnet available here.

Would like to maximize what I have.

Where is antenna located in MacBook?

Would a metal reflector behind the Airport Extreme help?

Is Hughesnet Gen 4 much better than earlier?

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Have you tried installing a WiFi signal monitoring app like: WiFi Signal. It might help you identify why you are having problems.

The built-in WiFi antennas are quite good in the newer MacBook Pro systems. Its located in the lid hinge cover. Review the IFIXIT guide for your exact system.

Yes, you might need to use an external WiFi adapter as the distance to the AP is too far. Here a directional antenna might be better if the external unit has a removable antenna. This is not the first thing I would do.

If you can move the AP to a more central location that should solve your signal issue and/or you may need to add-in a WiFi extender. As an example you could use an AirPort 1/2 way between where the signal is weak. This is the better solution.

Lastly, you could try a wired connection to see if the WiFi was the issue Vs the HughesNet. If you find the wired connection is just as slow the issue is more likely the WiFi router, or the HughesNet transceiver unit or satellite dish its self.

As to your HughesNet service. You might want to check your antenna alignment and check for something blocking the line of sight of the antenna to the satellite you are using. Even still the angle to the targeted satellite maybe on the low side (low horizon). You may want to check with Hughes on a better satellite (higher in the sky).

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Thanks for the info and efforts Dan.

I went and checked out the WiFi Signal App. It appears to require 10.7 or later. I'm still running 10.6.8

Spent some time over the weekend checking AirPort Extreme placement, checking the hardwired desktop units, running some download speed tests, and have decided that it is Hughesnet, again. We have already spent so much time on the telephone with those guys, trying to understand what they are saying, with the "thick" accents, lack of English Language skills, etc. Sometimes we end up with a temporary "fix", but it never lasts more than a few weeks.

Currently looking into 3G MiFi devices, there is no 4G service here. We borrowed a friends awhile back, and found it to be better than satellite. At least the speeds were consistent and we had no DNS Look-up errors.


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