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Why wont my iPhone switch on

I have iPhone that wont switch on.It has been charged by there is not responce when I try to turn it on.The screen remains blank with no picture or sound.

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Is this a new iPhone? Has someone been inside it?

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same here, left the iPhone for 3 mos of no use and then no power at all :(

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One of two things are going on here.

1) The battery has gone bad and it needs a replacement

2) The phone has experienced a *glitch* and needs to go through the hard reset process.

I didn't see you're phone model listed so try doing a net search for the reset process before getting a new battery.

Worse case scenario is that you have other hardware damage on the upside when you go to get your battery replaced they will do a diagnostic to assure that's the issue.

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Did you encountered any kind of collision or water damage or anything like that? It might be the problem with your charging connector.

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